Etchings 2011

VCCA France Community DinnerAuvillar CenterEtchings 2011 Participants and EnsembleEtchings 2011 ParticipantsVCCA France Community DinnerRehearsal in the chapelle
Brad, John and MJChapelle St. CatherineDowntown AuvillarNevart (flute) and Oliver (viola)Etchings 2011MJ with Chris Roe
Etchings 2011 ensemble and staffMJ and Lee

Etchings 2011, a set on Flickr.

At the end of June, I had the lucky experience of traveling to the small village of Auvillar, France to participate in the Etchings Festival. Here, I performed 5 works, four of which were world premieres, two of which were solo pieces. I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Lee Hyla on one of the solo pieces. It was great to work with him again. We knew each other from New England Conservatory, where we worked closely to do the second performance of his sax quartet, Paradigm Lost, in 2007. At Etchings I performed his solo sax work, Pre-Amnesia, which was great fun!

We had a very international group of composers this year; in the works that I premiered we had several different nations represented: Jose Serrano (Argentina), Feliz Macahis (Phillipines), Chris Roe (UK), and Ethan Greene (USA). Between the international ensemble and composers, we represented 15 different countries. This was the third year that we have run the festival, and each year becomes more exciting! The people of Auvillar are very happy to host and assist us. VCCA France is the whole reason we are there, and it wouldn’t be possible to do the festival without them. I can’t wait to come back next year to play more new music with excellent musicians in a beautiful village!


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